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Online Training Schedule

Circulation Topics

Getting Started in Circulation
We’ll first show you how to find your way around the WorkFlows screen and how to use helpers, glossaries, gadgets, and sorting. We’ll then cover some of the basic procedures, such as checkin, checkout, renew user, renew item, pay bills, check item status, and display and modify user.

WorkFlows / Advanced Setup
In this session, you will learn how to set properties and copy them from one computer to another; configure a receipt printer to print receipts; print reports, and change the location of a wizard along the left side of the screen.

User Registration for Public Libraries
Learn why it is important to register a patron correctly and how to check for duplicate patrons. We’ll also take a detailed look at the User Registration wizard and demonstrate the recommended way of registering a patron.

Searching in Workflows
We’ll go into the details of how to conduct a search in Item Search and Display, and cover how you can refine your search and conduct a browse search. Finally, we’ll look at some practical tips.

Other topics

Intro to the Virtual Catalog
We’ll look at placing a Virtual Catalog request for a patron, receiving and returning loans that belong to another library, and shipping and completing loans that belong to your library. We’ll also cover request inquiries and setting items to Not Available, as well as look at some common error messages.