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Lost/Claimed Returned
Accepting payment for lost items belonging to another library
  • Patrons pay for lost items at the library where they borrowed the material.
  • Do not mark the bill as paid. You MUST record the payment amount, the date, & item barcode, in the notes field in the patron’s record.
  • Checks should be forwarded to the owning library. Never send cash through the delivery.

» chart for correct way to make out check

Refunds - The system does not automatically refund a patron for a payment they made for a lost item. If you check in an item and get a message that it had been marked
lost, you can go to the BILLS FOLDER of the item and see if the patron had paid for the lost item. You can then follow library procedure to refund the payment to the patron.

Problem transactions

» Viewing the Previous User

blocked or barred - All libraries must honor a blocked or barred status on a patron. If one library barrs a patron, all SAILS libraries must honor that.

Marking an item lost

If a patron reports they have lost an item, use the MARK ITEM LOST wizard.
• The patron is billed for the replacement cost of the item.
• The item is given a current, shadowed location of LOST.
• If the patron is paying for the item at the same time you have the option to
accept payment.
*Don’t use the BILL A USER or PAY A BILL wizard.

» Missing pieces during checking
» Viewing lost checkouts

Marking an item missing

If you are trying to find an item and can not, use the MARK ITEM MISSING wizard.
• You need to set the behavior properties for the wizard to use your Missing patron.
• The item is given a current, shadowed location of MISSING.

Claimed returned

» Claimed Return Form - actual form
» Claimed Return Form - a "how to"

  • Every library may decide whether or not to use claimed returned.
  • You can manually decrement the counter in the privilege folder when the items are returned.