Using the Virtual Catalog

Logging Into the Catalog

  1. Get to the Virtual Catalog Login Screen at:
  2. Select your pick-up library.
  3. Enter your 14 digit barcode, from the back of your library card.
  4. Click the "Login!" button.

Searching for an Item

  1. Click the Search/Request button
  2. Type in the search term you would like to use for finding the item(capitalization and punctuation are ignored).
  3. You have the option to search by title, author or ISBN. Here are some sample searches:
    Title Search: Lobster Chronicles
    Author Search Greenlaw, Linda (Use last name then first name)
    ISBN search 0786866772
  4. Click the Start button .
  5. On the Combined Results screen click the title link to see additional information and availability of the item. Click on Headings to change sort order. Pub Date sorting will display newest items first. The system will only sort one page at a time.
    Note: if a SAILS member library owns the item and it is available, you will not be allowed to request the item.
  6. When you find an item you would like, click the Request button .

Creating a Request
Note: if an item is not available in any library, you may receive the following problem message:
"The item you have selected is not available at any of the libraries associated with this catalog. All of the libraries either do not have the item currently available or are unwilling to lend this item."

  1. After you have clicked the Request button, and the item is available for loan, fill out the information as follows:
    1. Verify your name.
    2. Select pickup location from the drop down box.
    3. Change the need by date if necessary.
    4. Only add a note if there is something you need to tell the librarian, since this will slow down your request.
    5. Enter your e-mail address if you wish to be notified by e-mail of the status of your request.
    6. Click the Submit Request button to send your request .

    Note: You should only request an item once, even if it appears in multiple libraries. Once you request an item, it is put on a random list and then the system places the request to the library.
    **There is a limit of 5 active requests at one time. An active request is considered any request that has a status of pending, shipped or received. This is in effort to comply with regional and national ILL policy.

Checking Request Status
You can check on the status of your request at any time by choosing the "Review your Requests" button on the Patron Main Menu screen, which appears after you first log into the system.

Receiving Items
If you provide an e-mail address in your request, you will be notified by e-mail when your library receives the item. At that point, you may pick your item up at the library selected as your pick-up library.

Loan Policies
Cost: No charge for borrowing
Loan period: 28 days
Renewals: No renewals allowed
Limits: 5 items at a time
Overdue Fines: If you keep the item beyond the due date you will be charged whatever fine your library charges for an overdue interlibrary loan item.
Note: If you lose the item, you will be responsible for the replacement cost and any processing fees.

Canceling Requests
If a request has the status of Pending, it may be cancelled.

  1. Log into the Virtual Catalog.
  2. Choose the "Review your Requests" button on the Patron Main Menu screen.
  3. Click on the "Cancel Request" button.

Returning Items
Items may be returned to any library in the SAILS system.

Unfilled Requests
The system will attempt to fulfill your request for 30 days. If the request expires you will receive an e-mail notification, if you supplied an e-mail address. Please contact your library if you wish to have them try other sources.

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