Search the Internet

Using Online Resources

  1. Select Online Resources from the navigation bar.
  2. Select World Wide Web.
  3. Go directly to the desired web site from the listing configured by your library.
  4. Use the web site's search engine to search for specific information.

Searching/Unsearching for Websites in e-catalog

DartClix websites found on e-catalog can be extremely helpful for doing research; however sometimes you just want a list of available materials on the library shelf. This is easily taken care of by a simple Boolean search (really, you don't have to be afraid of Boolean searching - it works!).

Type in your subject or keyword but add the following text:
NOT web site

For example instead of typing in a search of endangered animals, type:
endangered animals NOT web site
and no website records will display.

Of course you can limit your search even further by using the Advanced Search screen.

It works in reverse also. If you are specifically looking for websites you can add web site to your search and ONLY website records will display:
endangered animals AND web site

You can also limit by the following audience levels, if you type in one of the following terms into your search:
Middle School
High School
All ages

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