Item Details

Item Details is usually the catalog information about a search results list item, but may also be the full available information about a request you have sent to the library. In addition to the detailed information from the catalog record or from the Web resource record, the Item Details of a search results list item can include the following information about the item:

Picture of the Item Details page.

Added Content

e-catalog adds to your library's bibliographic records with information supplied by content providers, whose business it is to gather and create quality information of interest to you.

Place Hold

The Place Hold option allows you to place a hold on an item that is not currently available at the library. You will be notified by your library when the item is available for pickup. Refer to Place a Hold for more information.


The libraries that contain a copy of your search item are listed. The first library that displays is the current library.
The total number of copies available in the specified library location is also displayed. Some item titles may have more than one copy or be associated with volumes.

+ to my active list

Save permanent lists of titles; wish lists, favorite authors, anything. The lists won’t go away when you log out. Lists only display after you log in.

1. Create a first list and make it active—follow the link on the hit list and item details page.
2. Add titles from the hit list or item details page to the list—check the box to “add to list”.
3. Remove titles, email or print them. The manage page links to the items details page.

More By This Author

The More By This Author feature retrieves a list of titles by all the authors in the selected record.

More Like This

The More Like This feature retrieves a list of titles with subjects similar to those of the selected record.

Tell Me

If you would like to be notified when the library acquires new materials by the author or subject in the selected record, click these buttons. You will also see these authors and subjects within your "Favorites" list, when you log into e-catalog at home.

Try These Too

The Try These Too feature retrieves a list of titles that are cross-referenced to the titles found in your search. The Try These Too feature can also display in the search results list of catalog records.

You Found Titles in Categories

The You Found Titles in Categories feature retrieves a list of titles with Library of Congress classifications similar to that of the selected record(s). The You Found Titles in Categories feature can also display in the search results list of catalog records.

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