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General cataloging 

» Error reporting form
» Duplicate Titles Form
» Property settings - workflows
» Cataloging manual - workflows
» Reports & printing procedures
» Getting started guide - includes workflows terminology, toolbar management, etc.
» Intro to Workflows - best place to go, if you're just learning how to use the client.
» Zoom Beginning Cataloging workshop manual

Data Entry Guidelines
Which format do I choose? print this
MARC-00 Format - use to create request records
SERIAL-00 Format - use to create magazine records
MUSEUMPASS Format- use to create museum pass records
EQUIP Format - use to create equipment records (for items such as ebook readers, video game consoles, Kill a Watt electricity usage monitor, laptops, digital cameras, etc.)

» Subfield Z - processing items with multiple volumes or parts

Creating Request Records:
» Audiobook request records
» Book request records
» CDROM request records
» DVD and Blu-ray request records
» Game and Puzzle request records
» Graphic Novels - attaching & creating requests
» Kit request records
» Creating magazine records
» Museum Pass request records
» Music CD request records
» Playaway request records
» Toy and Puppet request records
» Video Game request records
» VOX Books request records
» Wonderbooks request records 
» Equipment records 
» Creating a brief title - ILL

Attaching to existing records
» Books - attaching to records with ACQs
» DVD and Blu-rays
» Music, Audiobooks & Playaways
» Video games & CD-ROMs

Circulation Sets

» Creating Circulation Set Records
» Creating and Managing Circulation Sets
» Circulation Sets FAQ


» Serials properties
» Serials manual
» Check in Issues of Serial

Watch a Recording of the Serials Basics Class here

Training requirements

New staff members who are going to be doing any type of bibliographic data entry are required to attend the SAILS data entry training. See the network calendar for training opportunities.
Approved on 04/2002

Basic Workflows Training is available online through Mentor from SirsiDynix. Contact for a login.

Policy for editing MARC records

  1. No changes are to be made to full OCLC MARC records and full records created by SAILS
    without approval from SAILS. Any corrections that need to be made should be sent to SAILS
    using the Bibliographic Error Report Form.
  2. Subject headings are not to be created under any circumstances. They are not to be added to any record without SAILS approval.
  3. Series are not to be created. You should contact SAILS if you need a series created in the
    authority file. You may choose a series from the authority file but you may never create one.
  4. Libraries are allowed to correct typos and add missing information to Cataloging Request records that are in the MARC-OO format. They are not allowed to change titles, change pages, or add subject headings.
    Once these records have been added to the database they belong to everyone. Uniform
    procedures must be followed.

Edited 08/2002


» property settings - workflows
» acquisitions manual - workflows


» Using 9xx with Acquisitions
» Using 9xx without Acquisitions
» ipage and workflows user guide from Ingram


» Connect to WebDewey
Name: 100-291-581
Password: sea1
» Manual

Customizing documentation

If you would like to customize the documents on this site for your library, please contact and we will email you the Word document version. Please specify which manuals you would like to receive.