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General Information

» Reports run by SAILS
» maintenance & stats reports - explained
» Notice & Assumed Lost Schedule
» You need to select a program on your computer to view reports. This is done in the "report session" wizard on the reports toolbar. For the 2019 version of Office, the path should be
c:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\root\Office16\winword.exe
Since there are many versions of Office, you may need to contact SAILS for help. You can also choose to print to Wordpad, as an alternative.

Printing tips

» Intro to Reports and Report Properties
» Printing Receipts
» Printing holds wrappers
» Printing holds slips w/ large patron name
» Opening a report in Excel

RHA Login and onshelf titles report

  • There are 3 reports that run daily - 2 a.m., 1 p.m., and 6 p.m. The report run at 2 a.m. is cumulative.
  • Libraries may access a dynamically updated list using the Onshelf Items wizard in Circulation. OnShelf Hold Wizard. This is the recommended method of processing hold requests.
  • The finished reports (one for each library) are sent to a generic Workflows account, with a login of RHA and a pin of RHA.
  • You don't have to log out of workflows to log into rha:
  • Minimize your existing workflows session and then start up a new workflows session.
  • Login in as rha with a pin of rha.
  • Open up the finished reports folder, save the report to a wordpad document.
  • Close the reports folder without deleting the report and log out of workflows. You can then maximize your own workflows session and continue on

Note: The same reports are emailed to a shared account. You can access these reports via Google mail. The account is You can also request to have your report emailed to you.


»  Information about SMS Errors Report
»  Sample Email Notices

» Sample Voice Messages - text or listen to the audio below:

» Sample Text Messages.

Currently, most libraries receive notices on the following schedule:

  • 1st overdues - 7 days after an item is due
  • 2nd overdues - 28 days after an item is due
  • 3rd overdues - 56 days after an item is due
Notices are sent out via text message, email, or telephone notification depending upon the patron's preference.
Faculty and students/cadets from our academic members receive email notification.
K-12 members have a choice of having lists of overdues by classroom or individual notices for students and faculty.
Some of the high schools have emails notices sent to students & faculty.
Reminders for Items coming due:
email Overdue reminder - at 4am
text  Overdue reminder - at 9:30am
voice Overdue reminder - at 9:00am
email Hold Pickup Notices - at 11am, 4pm
email Hold Pickup Notice reminder at 11am
text hold pickup notices at 9am & 2pm
text hold pickup notice reminder at 9am
voice hold pickup notices at 9am & 2pm
voice hold pickup notice reminder at 9am

Bills are printed every Tuesday for items that have been marked Assumed Lost.

Libraries have the option to print their own assumed lost notices and then delete the finished report. Contact SAILS if you wish to do this so we don't send you duplicates of these reports or if you need assistance getting the print settings right.

Auto-Renewal notices are sent daily to patrons who have had their items renewed automatically.
email auto-renewal notices - at 3am for patrons with email and voice notice preference.
text auto-renewal notices - at 8:15am for patrons with sms preference

Opting out of notices

If the patron doesn't want to participate in the auto-renewal, this means they won't have their items renewed and they won't receive any email about auto-renewals. It's not just opting out of the notices. (usercat6 = NOAUTO)
If they opt out of courtesy reminder notices, this is for hold pickup and item due reminder notices. (usercat6 = NOREMIND)
If they don't want to have their eligible items automatically renewed and they don't want to receive reminder notices, use usercat6 = NOREM-AUTO.
They will still receive all the other notices we send out. Card expiration and hold cancelled notices are emailed only. So they would need to have an email address.

SAILS outgoing phone numbers for voice notices: