Valuing Patron Privacy

On October 6th, library staff will no longer be able to view PINs/Passwords. If you forget your login, staff will need to reset your PIN/password. This document will hopefully answer your questions about the change. Please contact your library if you have any questions. Read more in our FAQ.

Why are we making this change?

It is a standard practice that “User personal identification numbers (PINs) and Passwords stored in the Library Management System should be encrypted so that only the user has access to them, i.e. library staff cannot view them… In addition, the LMS should provide users with the ability to set their PIN/Password  themselves without having to reveal it to library staff.”

In addition to being unavailable for view by library staff, secured PINs/Passwords are also inaccessible to people who gain unauthorized access to the system through a data breach. Masking both staff and patron PINs/Passwords is essential to maintaining the security of the system.

Answers to other questions may be found in our FAQ.

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