Kindle Privacy

Before using your Kindle to download ebooks from the SAILS Digital Download service (powered by OverDrive) please read the following.

Privacy and Kindle ebook downloads

SAILS provides downloadable ebook, audiobook, music and video content to patrons in partnership with OverDrive. With the addition of Kindle ebooks our supplier, OverDrive, uses a third party, Amazon, to fulfill ebook downloads.
Patrons are brought to the Amazon page to retrieve their ebook.

The patron uses either their existing Amazon account, or, if the patron does not already have an Amazon account, s/he establishes an Amazon account with username, password and an associated email address.

The patron may receive an email message from Amazon before the ebook license expires and when the ebook license expires.
The email message may include an invitation to purchase the title from Amazon.
SAILS does not have control over the content of email from Amazon and SAILS does not receive any percentage of cost should the patron decide to purchase a title from Amazon.

SAILS does not have control over patron information that third parties with which OverDrive partners (including Amazon) collects.
Please consider this before you use Kindle ebooks available on the library download site.