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Gmail Information

To access your SAILS Gmail account, all you need to do is log in at:

How do I close out of my gmail account?

While in gmail or any of the google apps products, go to the upper right corner of the screen where it shows your email address. Click your photo or the icon where your photo would be. Select “Sign Out” in the popup.

My email has a tiered look. It groups conversations and I find it confusing.

Gmail defaults to what they call “conversation view.” To shut it off, go to the gear icon and select settings. Under general, you will see options for conversation view. Disable this feature and each individual email will display without the tiered look. Click Save.

How do I remove ads?

Go to the gear icon on the right and select settings. Select the Webclips tab. Deselect show my Webclips above the inbox.

How do I learn more about Gmail’s features?

Gmail has great help pages. This is the home page for their help section. It is very easy to explore and it is searchable if you don’t have the time to poke around.


One thing you must keep in mind is that Gmail has a very aggressive SPAM filter. You should get into the habit of checking your SPAM folder regularly. Gmail should be able to "learn" over time what you consider SPAM and what you don't. When looking at a message marked as SPAM, you will see a button at the very top of the message called "Not SPAM." Doing this on wrongly SPAM'd messages should teach GMail what is SPAM and what is not.

Trash Label

Another aspect of Gmail you should be aware of is the trash label. While labels and folder can generally have an identical relationship, the trash label is one place where they do not. Labels allow you to essentially have one message "live" in as many folders as you need. Since trash is also a label, you can accidentally have a trash label on a message you don't want deleted. If you move and item out of the trash label, make sure you do so by removing the trash label and not just moving the message like you would from one folder to another. If just moved, it will retain the trash label and be deleted on the same schedule with the rest of your trash.

How can I set up a search to select messages older than a certain age?


Change the number of days by modifying the “1” to any number. This won’t work as a filter but you can use it as a search and then delete all the items that match the search.

“Why Chrome?”

No one has to switch to Chrome if they don’t want to. We have been recommending it because it works most effectively with google products and its overall performance as a web browser has impressed many of us. Many might have felt pressured into switching to chrome because when logging in with your current browser you get an error saying your browser is invalid and you need to switch to chrome. This error is misleading. Gmail wants you to use chrome because it is a google product. All you really need is an up-to-date browser and gmail should work fine.  If you are unhappy with Chrome, you should be able to use any browser you want, as long as it is up-to-date.

How do I sort by sender?

You can’t sort Gmail, you need to search. You can use the search box or this trick. Hover the mouse over the sender’s name and a popup will appear. There is an option called emails. Click this to view all recent emails to and from this sender.


Contact/Email Info

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» Library staff – all known email accounts
» Library directors
» Circulation contacts
» Commonwealth Catalog contacts
» SAILS staff

Email issues

» Request new email – Director’s Only

Email policies

No one is to use the list. If you wish to get an announcement out to everyone, you must send the announcement to

If someone in your library resigns, you must let SAILS know so we can remove their e-mail.

If someone is signed up for a SAILS mailing list with an e-mail account not provided by SAILS, you must contact SAILS if there are any changes to your e-mail address.

If someone forgets their password, they must contact SAILS right away so we can reset it.

Staff may use e-mail accounts not provided by SAILS for inclusion in the SAILS mailing lists, although SAILS is not responsible for any accounts not provided by SAILS.

The complete policy may be found in the policy manual.