Renew / Update Account

Please use this form to renew your library account, and if needed, update your contact information and communication preferences. Please note that if you have moved out of Massachusetts, you will not be able to renew your account. Please visit your local library to set up an account where you live.

If you forget your PIN/Password to log into Enterprise, here is a "forgot my PIN/Password" reset link, but you must have an email address in your record.

Communication Options:
Email -
Messages are sent when reserved items are available for pickup, before items are due to be returned and after they are overdue. If you choose this method, please be sure that you check your e-mail regularly. You should also configure any spam blocking program to accept messages from
Telephone call (Automated voice notification) - A recorded voice will leave a message. The message will indicate where an item is being held and how many items are being held but will not give the title of the reserved item or the name of the person for whom it's being held.
Text Message (SMS) - Messages are sent when reserved items are available for pickup and after they are overdue.