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Upgrade bandwidth request

Bandwidth Upgrade Request Form

Please use this form to request a bandwidth upgrade of your SAILS Comcast line, at a cost that will be billed with your annual assessment.

Multi-branch libraries only
Erate libraries expanding to public access
My library requests that the SAILS line also be used for public access computers. I understand that this change can’t be made until July 1, of next fiscal year and that the library will be responsible for paying the higher, Non-Erate rate for telecommunication services when this change is made.
Acknowledgement of Assessment Increase *
I understand that the telecommunications fee portion of next year's assessment will increase to the pricing from the above chart. As a result, my assessment increase may be higher than the 2% cap approved by SAILS Membership.

Changes in Monthly Statistics

A major goal for SAILS this year is to migrate from using Directors Station and Workflows for statistical reports to using Blue Cloud Analytics.  Our public libraries received ARIS stats this year from reports generated using this new portal.  We are now moving our monthly compiled reports from Directors Station to Blue Cloud Analytics (commonly referred to as BCA)
For July statistics, you will receive your normal Workflows reports except for the monthly cataloging reports which will be emailed in Excel format on the 4th of the month. We will not sending out an Excel Workbook with compiled stats but will be delivering those reports using a Google Drive feature called Team Drive.
We will send out an email when the network July reports have been run and we will include instructions on how to access them.  Those reports will be available a few days after the first.  Our testing has shown that these results are as accurate if not more so than reports run in Workflows.
Our hope is that over time we can completely discontinue running monthly reports in Workflows and begin using the freed up computing capability to start running personalized welcome messages to new patrons and card expiration notices to patrons whose borrowing privileges are about to expire as well as other notices for our K-12 and academic members that are appropriate.

We Heard You! – Training for FY19

One comment we received a couple of times on our last survey was why the SAILS staff can’t come out to libraries and do onsite training, since staff can’t easily get to our offices. Well we love coming to libraries to train! There are many benefits doing training at the library. The main one is that everyone at the library hears the same information. Procedures are done because “we’ve
always done it that way” and you may not know there are other ways of doing what is being tried. Maybe there’s a more efficient way of doing it or  sometimes we hear of a frustration point at the circ desk, for example, and it turns out something isn’t working properly because the properties at the workstation need to be changed. Being onsite often brings out these
issues, since being at the place it happens triggers the memory of what’s happening. We can also help you change your properties if we’re there and can also see examples of what’s happening and better troubleshoot.
If having us come out and train your staff sounds good, we have a form online at:
We will need the approval of the director to train onsite but the form is open to anyone and can possibly get a conversation going if you’re not quite ready to schedule the time. If you have any questions or concerns, please email


Instructions for the Aris stats
Click on one of the Aris links below to view your stats for the year.
You will see a list of spreadsheets. In most spreadsheets there are tabs (worksheets) on the bottom with a sheet for each library. Schools are included but you only have to look at your own library.

Here are instructions showing how to fill out the ARIS form with the stats you receive from SAILS -
slideshow instructions - tells how to fill out the form.
Document - matches questions to where the answers are located.

Job Posting Form

Use this form to post your library's job opening. Results will be live on our network Job Posting page.

Corporate Documents

» By laws
» Articles of Organization
» Personnel handbook
» Retirement plan
» Tax return
» Policy Manual
» Patron Complaint Form

Planning documents

» Current Budget
» Current Action Plan
» Next year's action plan
» Next year's budget
» Strategic plan FY21-26
» Guaranteed Service Levels
» Disaster Preparedness Plan - for libraries
» Membership Manual
» New Director Packet


» Budget process
» Financial Procedures
» Library Network Report
» Annual Audit

Confidentiality Agreements

SAILS confidentiality agreements should be filled out by all staff with access to the SAILS system.

» SAILS Employee Confidentiality Agreement for public and academic libraries
» SAILS Employee Confidentiality Agreement for school libraries
» Confidentiality Acknowledgement Form - to be signed by director and returned to SAILS office


» Meeting Handout Packet
» Board members 
» Committee members
» Investment Committee Charter
» ILS Evaluation Task Force
» Meeting Minutes