Print sum of checked out item prices

"Total price of checked out items" field

A "Print sum of checked out item prices" option was added to due date and charge slips for the Checkout wizard. When enabled, this option causes WorkFlows to print a "Total price of checked out items" field on the patron's checkout slip. This field shows the total price of all the items that display on the checkout slip. 

  1. Right Click on Checkout
  2. Click on Print date due slips
  3. Check Print sum of checked out item prices 
  4. Update the receipt printer footer so there is an explanation.  

The message about the total amount of the items checked out always appears before the footer.  That message cannot be changed. Suggestions for footers (from the SAILS Circulation Policy Committee):

Look at how much you have saved by using XXXX Public Library today!

You saved this much by using the library today.

Email receipts can also be updated with this new message – contact for more information.

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