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The BINGO Bonus: Using Passive Programming to Increase Patron Awareness of Library Services

Jessica Block, Ames Free Library

As libraries reintroduce themselves to their communities, how can we keep patrons engaged with all that we have to offer?

From January through March 2022, the Ames Free Library offered patrons of all ages the chance to participate in a Winter BINGO game through the READsquared platform. Over 70% of registered adults actively participated in the game that featured prompts for reading and exploring a variety of library resources. Feedback from participants following the program showed increased knowledge of library services and a desire to use the library more often. Our presentation will show how to plan and implement a scalable and transferable (READsquared or similar online platforms are not required!) BINGO program that provides a fun and interactive way for patrons to engage with or learn about the library.

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Project Giving

Rose Mamakos, Bridgewater Public Library

This is a program that runs all year long that promotes giving to your local charities. We have donation drives that change monthly. A new organization every month. It draws your community together while helping those in need. We would explain what has worked for our library and community and how we get the word out. This would be presented by Jenny Bailey and myself. I will present on the details of the project and Jenny would discuss the advertising aspect.

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Outdoor Summer Reading Events at the Foxboro Public Library

Are you looking for a fun and exciting way to host large outdoor events and promote your Library? Does your town have beautiful parks, playgrounds, or a common? This presentation will explore the logistics of outdoor programming from getting to know your host; to parking, trash, and electricity; to working with other town departments. Slides will include photos from the 2021 Summer Reading Program at the Boyden Library, such as the Teddy Bear Picnic, Police and Fire Storytimes, and hiking and crafts at the Lane Property conservation site.

Jessica Henderson

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Adopt a Reading Pal

We had kids come in and adopt a stuffed puppy to read to. We had activities to go along with the adoption: play center with vet clinic and bath, storytime, a walk around the library. At the end, kids received a prize and a certificate of completion.

Diane White & Lisa Kelly, Somerset Public Library

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World Languages Collection in Overdrive

We are excited to announce that we have made titles available to borrow on Libby and OverDrive platforms in seven languages in addition to English and Portuguese! You can find them all here: or here:

We have made sure to modify our curated collections to reflect English titles so as not to overwhelm them with the new content. However, if you are used to searching in Libby or OverDrive simply by browsing “ebook” or “audiobook” for example, and you do not want titles in languages other than English to show up in your results, you will need to modify your preferences. If you are using the Libby app, this is a one time change that will prevent any content other than English from showing up for them. Here’s how: 

  1. Search for anything in the search bar.Select Preferences
  2. On the results page you will see a circle with a + next to “Preferences”. Click on it.
  3. The options for all of the different preferences will pop up.
  4. Click on language.
  5. Select English.
  6. Make sure to click “Apply Preferences” or it won’t save.
  7. Search again and notice the number in a white circle next to the word “Preferences”. That means you have successfully saved that preference (in addition to any other preferences you may have already saved).

In the OverDrive app, you will need to make this change each time you search. Here’s how:

  1. Click on the search bar.
  2. Underneath the search bar an “Advanced” option will appear. Click on it.
  3. In the Advanced Search screen, scroll down to the language menu.
  4. Under languages, select “English” and then “done”.
  5. This search will only return titles in English.
  6. To confirm this or to view another way to filter searches you can see a drop down menu labeled “Filters”. This will include the language filter and should show you anything you have set as a filter for your search.