The BINGO Bonus: Using Passive Programming to Increase Patron Awareness of Library Services

Jessica Block, Ames Free Library

As libraries reintroduce themselves to their communities, how can we keep patrons engaged with all that we have to offer?

From January through March 2022, the Ames Free Library offered patrons of all ages the chance to participate in a Winter BINGO game through the READsquared platform. Over 70% of registered adults actively participated in the game that featured prompts for reading and exploring a variety of library resources. Feedback from participants following the program showed increased knowledge of library services and a desire to use the library more often. Our presentation will show how to plan and implement a scalable and transferable (READsquared or similar online platforms are not required!) BINGO program that provides a fun and interactive way for patrons to engage with or learn about the library.

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