Patron Records

Quick patron registration steps:

  1. Click on the User Display Wizard
  2. Search the system by name to see if the person already has a card.
  3. If the patron does not have a record in the database select the User Registration Wizard
  4. There should be a default profile selected. Probably ADULT.
  5. Scan in the new patron barcode
  6. Click on each tab as you enter the data and complete the required files.  Do not press OK until the record is complete.

Note: Do not enter a space before the initial letter. Even though it doesn't display, sorting will be wrong.

Searching tips 

» Patron Browse
» Entering & Searching by Phone Number

Special concerns 

» Custom policies - profiles 
» INHOUSE Patrons
» User profiles 
» User Cat 2

Printing patron information

» Printing a patron's checkouts
» Print select patron information


» Patron requests to stop receiving favorites & announcements 

Registering & Modifying tips

» Patron Record - 3 components
» User Group Manual
» Entering a patron's name
» Entering a patron's name - spaces issue
» Entering Suffixes into a Patron Name
» Entering 2 Email Addresses for a Patron
» How to properly format an email address
» Entering the birthdate 
» Deleting a Field in a Record
» Updating a Patron Record
» Updating a Temporary Patron Record
» Barring a Patron
» Saving charge history 

Removing patrons - Every week SAILS runs a report to remove patrons with the profile "WITHDRAWN and also who have a clear records. To set a patron to be deleted:

  1. Use the modify user record
  2. Update the patron's profile to "WITHDRAWN"

PINs - Our recommended practice is to set the PIN to the last 4 digits of patron's phone number. You will need to enter the override of SAILS to proceed.

Summer visitors - Register with their home library card. If they are MA residents, assign them a UCAT2 of MASS. If they are from out of state, UCAT2 is NOMASS.

Expiring cards - If you process a renewal or checkout, items will not check out beyond the date the card expires. The card must be renewed first before the system will allow the full checkout.

Alt IDs - If your patrons are complaining about having to enter their entire barcode, you can create an ALT ID for them that can be any combination of letters and numbers. The only 2 requirements are:

  1. The ALT id must be unique 
  2. Never, Never enter the Social Security number in the patron record

Patron Status -
OK - normal status for a patron.

DELINQUENT - when a patron has an overdue item or a fine. Updated at 11:30 p.m. daily before overdue notices are run. May place holds or renew items from e-catalog.

BLOCKED - when a public library patron has 7 items overdue OR owes $10 or more in fines/bills. Updated at 11:30 p.m. daily before overdue notices are run. May NOT place holds or renew items from e-catalog.

BARRED - applied & removed manually by library staff. May NOT place holds, renew or check out items.