Student Data Loading

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Student Record format for data load

SAILS can load incoming students records for you if the school technology department will output them in an Excel file.

The file can be uploaded using the Student Upload Form. If you cannot find your link to the form please email and we can send you another one.

Once the records are entered, you can update the students with assigned barcodes and all the other information will be up to date.

• The records can be in Excel format.
• Each line should be for one student.

The fields we would need are:
Alt id (student ID number) if you use them
Name – 1 to 60 characters. Last name, First Name, Middle Name.
So a sample record would look like this:
1111|Conrad, Belle Susan|205|6|

Manually entering student or faculty/staff records

  1. Click on the User Display Wizard
  2. Search the system by name to see if the person already has a card.
  3. If the person does not have a record in the database select the User Registration Wizard

Fill in as follows:
Name – Last name, first name, middle name
Alt ID -- School-assigned Student ID -- optional
Profile – Is usually STUDENTS. However, this is often school or region specific so make sure you check another profile to be sure you are entering the right one. For staff or faculty it is likely STAFF or FACULTY but this is also school or region specific so check another profile to be sure or reach out to and we can tell you which profile you are currently using.
Expiration date – defaults to 5 years for the STUDENTS profile but may be shorter or longer if your school uses a specific profile.

User Cat 1 – Grade level (pre-K through 12), Example: PRE-K, K, 1GRADE, 2GRADE etc.
Address – zip code should be home room number. This must be formatted consistently.
Some libraries also add the homeroom to the Phone field. The reason this can be useful is that it shows up on the holds slips when they print out.

If your rooms have letters before the number, then enter the letter in all caps with no space between that and the number. Example: A205

If your home rooms are actual teacher names, enter the teacher’s name in all caps (last name only). Example: SMITH

If the home rooms are number only, just enter the number. Example: 205

If your school does not use home rooms, enter the location where you can send notices (if any).
Email - Some schools do choose to put the email for students in their profiles. This is helpful if you ever need to send notices to the students via email. Please check with your school's privacy policy before entering emails or requesting that SAILS contact your students.