Holds for patrons – item in hand

Does this situation sound familiar? A patron calls to ask to put aside an item they "see" is on the shelf. You find the item, put it on hold for the patron, and immediately trap the hold for them. We've heard of a new problem that can happen with this scenario. If you don't select the item in hand, when trapping the hold, it's possible the first copy added to the system will be selected to fill the hold, get trapped, and appear on the owning library's hold shelf. This may not be your library.

Holds aren't placed on local copies unless they're copy specific holds. The safest thing to do, after placing the holds on the items, is to use the discharge wizard, instead of the trap hold wizard. The discharge wizard should then direct you to fill the hold with the item in hand. It seems using the trap hold wizard, even if entering the local copy, can lead to inadvertently selecting the first copy added to the system as the hold. That is how title level holds are placed - on a basically random copy. Then the system finds an appropriate copy to fill the hold. Since you have the item available, using this method should flag your item to fill the hold.

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