Circulation Forms

Claims Returned form - use this form to let the owning library know their item has been set to Claims Returned.

Missing Intransit Notice - use this form to let the sending library know the item has not arrived at your library.

Error Reporting Form - the best way to send us all the needed information to fix a problem.

Problem Item Slip - you can use this customizable form for when you check in an item and you need to alert the library where the item is headed that there is something wrong with it. Maybe it has a part missing or damaged and the receiving library will know right away.

Unfillable Hold Notice - Starting 3/20 you began receiving a daily report of holds that cannot be filled because the last copy has been set to missing, discard or lost. These reports are cumulative and holds will continue to appear on the report until you do something with them. How you wish to proceed will be up to each library. At a bare minimum the holds need to be cancelled.

It is suggested that you see if there is another edition that can be used to fill the hold - we do find that sometimes patrons are not aware that there is another version on which there are more available copies. You may choose to wait to cancel holds on items set to lost in case the item is returned. And you do have the option of passing this on to the person in your library who handles ILL and Virtual Catalog so that a copy from another network can be requested to satisfy the person's request.

Several of you asked that the report be emailed to a specific person and we have done so. All reports will appear in your finished report list as well. This form that you have been using to notify libraries that your copy is not available to fill a hold was removed from the website on Monday, 3/23. This is a new procedure so if you have questions or problems don't hesitate to email