Auto-Renewal Info

1.  By Monday, August 20 SAILS will have made a change in all circulation rules that allow renewals so that the renewal due date will be from the original due date rather than from the date on which the item is renewed. This is viewed as a service to all patrons whether or not the library is offering AutoRenewal.  At the same time the rules will be updated so that patrons will not be able to renew items in Enterprise until 4 days before the item is due.  This is intended to prevent patrons from checking out an item and immediately renewing it in order to have it for an extended period of time.  Staff will be able to renew items at any time in Workflows. You may need to check the "seen" box to get an item to renew, if it is earlier than the original due date.
2.  By Tuesday, August 21 SAILS will have set up the necessary email and SMS reports to begin Auto Renewal for staff members from libraries that have opted in.  NOTE:  Auto Renewal is only available if the item type's circulation rules allow for a renewal and the patron has not reached the maximum number of renewals.

3. By Sept. 2nd, for public libraries who have opted in to this service, this is how it will work:

3 days before an item is due, the Autorenewal notices will generated.  Notices will be delivered either via Email or Text message.  Voice notification patrons will not receive a notice unless they have an email address in their record but their checkouts will be renewed as well if it is possible.
Only items that can be renewed and which have not reached their renewal limit are eligible for Autorenewal.  The due date of the Autorenewals will be based on the original checkout date.
Once the autorenewal notices are sent out a second reminder notice will be generated.  This will be different than the reminder notices that will go out to nonparticipating libraries because they will list items due in 3 days and specifically say they are no eligible for automatic renewal.  Voice notification patrons will receive a reminder notice if they have not opted out of the notices but they will still receive a generic reminder call.
Renewals will be based on where the circulation transaction took place not the home library of the patron.  The renewals take place immediately and are recorded as a circulation transaction.
Note: If you receive this error in workflows, you need to select the SEEN option in Renew to be able to do it in Workflows.
"Cannot renew at this time. This item will be available for renewal after: 8/20/18, 23:59"

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